Clint Chadwick: Instagram influencer successfully sued The Bucket List in Bondi over violent brawl

Clint Chadwick: Instagram influencer successfully sued The Bucket List in Bondi over violent brawl

An Instagram-famous bodybuilder and fitness label founder has been awarded more than $200,000 after he was injured in a vicious brawl at a beachfront bar.

Clinton Chadwick has succeeded in his lawsuit against Bondi Beach Foods, the owner of the now-defunct bar The Bucket List, and security firm Crossguard Group for failing to prevent the assault.

The founder of Rig Fit Activewear had been at the venue on the afternoon of December 22, 2017 when he became involved in an argument with Stephen Martin.

Justice Michael Elkaim SC said Mr Chadwick had been “verbally antagonised” when he gave the first shove.

Surveillance footage shows Mr Martin then picked up a nearby metal stool and clobbered Mr Chadwick twice.

“This patron, Stephen Martin, assaulted (Mr Chadwick) so viciously that he became unconscious,” the Supreme Court Justice said.

“Notwithstanding the plaintiff’s state, lying on the ground, the assault upon him continued.”

Mr Chadwick told the court the attack left him with “psychiatric and psychological impairments” and a lingering stiffness in his neck.

He claimed he was unable to work for a long period, suffered from depressive episodes and became a recluse.

Prior to the attack, the Instagram influencer said he was “in the prime of (his) life, physically and mentally” with the “energy of an Energiser Bunny”.

However, the owners of the Bucket List and the security firm argued the bodybuilder had not led the business and fitness focused lifestyle he had painted.

Their lawyers claimed Mr Chadwick had been consuming up to 20 lines of cocaine a week and using steroids to maintain his physique prior to the attack.

Rather than being unable to work, they said he had pursued multiple business interests and earned more than $105,000 by posting pictures of himself to the subscription platform OnlyFans.

Mr Chadwick claimed his Rig Fit activewear business had lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars due to his injuries, but Justice Elkaim determined it “was not a viable business”.

“I am also not satisfied that the plaintiff has, for most of the time since the injury, been incapable of producing an income,” he said.

Justice Elkaim noted the bodybuilder’s claims of retreating from society were “contradicted by his continued involvement in social media, his self-promotion and his activities”.

However, he concluded Mr Chadwick was not “an overtly dishonest witness”.

“I thought him to be a man somewhat deluded by his own image, his capacity to be a successful businessman and his perception of what his future might have been but for the injury,” the judge explained.

He opined Mr Chadwick, who boasted more than 425,000 followers in his prime, had “post traumatic stress disorder” which was “gradually resolving”.

The Supreme Court Justice ruled the “traumatic experience” could have been prevented.

The court heard there was a “distinct inadequacy in monitoring” drunk people at the bar with “no security guards available” if there was an incident like the brawl which broke out.

Mr Martin previously testified he was “too drunk to be there really” but he was not flagged as a concern by the staff on site.

“Properly staffed, there was a real possibility that the fight could have been avoided,” Justice Elkaim said.

Justice Elkaim said he was satisfied the influencer’s injuries had been caused by a breach of duty on behalf of the bar and security firm.

“It was the responsibility of both defendants to monitor and, if necessary, evict Mr Martin and his group,” he said.

“I am satisfied that both defendants were aware that the Martin group (was) misbehaving.”

He awarded Mr Chadwick $200,706.40 for medical bills, past and future economic loss and compensation for his physical injuries as a result of the violent brawl.

Bondi Beach Foods and Crossguard Group have also been ordered to pay for the cost of the influencer’s proceedings.

Originally published as Rig Fit founder and influencer wins $200k payout over brawl

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